February 13, 2012

I am
above average height
below average weight
fair skinned
a good speller

wish I had brothers
eat my French fries in groups of three, matching them by length
have a headache every day
sing princess songs in the car while I drive
bite the skin around my fingernails
get my best night’s sleep in jeans, on the floor, with the television on loud
rock a lot of polka dots
watch The Prince of Egypt every night while I fall asleep
have abnormally soft skin under my chin

at the movie theatre, I take off my shoes and sit criss-cross-appleasauce in my seat, and I like watch all the credits and read the funny names and I like to be the last person to walk out at the end
in the passenger seat of a car, I always have my feet on the dash and my hand out the window (if weather permits)
wearing a jacket or hoodie, I pull the sleeves over my hands
falling asleep, I full-body twitch
meeting married people, the first thing I do is ask them to tell me the story of how they fell in love
driving on a snowy night, I pretend the snowflakes coming toward me are stars and I’m in the Millennium Falcon flying light speed to Endor
I sneeze, I say “bless me”

I like
the smell of gasoline
the quiet sound of fingernails scratching an itch
when you meow at a cat, and it meows back
restaurants with cups of crayons at the tables to draw on their paper tablecloths
people with contagious laughs
being the bearer of good news
chewing ice
the first step into a warm shower
eskimo kisses
I dislike
red marks left on my nose when I take my glasses off
pressure to do something someone else’s way
chapped lips
getting soap in my eye
when people say “I don’t read”
stepping out of the shower into the cold air
the word “squeeze”
my name, and wish I had one of those names that when you introduce yourself to people they say “wow, what a beautiful name”
empty hands

stomach growls loudly
room is always cold, and I like it that way
cat’s name is Mewmew Mew
passport picture is hideous
heart is open
fingers are long


  1. oh my goodness jes you are adorable <3

  2. Hahaha. This post was a perfect first post. You are adorable.